AI Product Workshop

See how to create compelling products and experiences with AI through Storytelling techniques. Discover how to write a product pitch for solutions using AI that result in a design brief ready for implementation.

Creating Digital Personas

At the foundation of designing and building “what’s next” whether is AR/VR/IoT are human’s interactions with data collected over time. See how to incorporate data into user personas that leads to a shared understanding about users, creates empathy and more than a deliverable.

Adding Personality to your chatbot

Learn how to generate a personality for your chatbot by designing for the “voice and tone” of your product or app to the world and uncover how to determine the personality traits that direct the messages for greetings, errors and user feedback, and overall design styles.

Jumpstart Service Design

Through a sample project based on a real life case study see how to rally project teams through participatory service design methods and defining the people, processes, backend and data involved in an app.

Building Interconnected Products and Apps

This course teaches how to break away from direct manipulation in experience design. Persons attending the training should expect to leave the course with a basic working knowledge of designing services, products and apps using dynamic data through prototyping and evaluation techniques.

Workshop Information:

Length: 3 12 hours | Location: Remote & on-site | Pricing: Contact Us